Children and Young People
in Adidam

Children also suffer, but they do show this Life-sign of a spontaneous commitment to the Motive of Ecstasy Itself, of True Joy. This is why their company is pleasing — because they, without all the baggage of adults (in their suffering at any rate) rather typically show the sign of this commitment that is fundamental to being human, to being born. All other signs made in Nature, or by reaction, are there to be overcome. And it is a great struggle — no doubt.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da with a young girl

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This section is organized as follows:

    1. Excerpts from Adi Da's Teaching on Children and Childraising
    2. Stories and Insights on Children and Childraising
    3. Videos about Young People and their Relationship to Adi Da
    4. Related Books, DVDs, and CDs
  1. Adolescence as a Spiritual Opportunity

1. Children and Conscious Childraising

Adi Da with a young boy
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Adi Da with children
art by Maja van der Veer
Adi Da Samraj has given extensive instruction about child development, the process of human growth, and conscious childraising based on the principles of non-separation, prior unity, and truly sacred culture. Adults in the Adidam community have studied, practiced, and learned many lessons about the serious responsibility of raising children.


 Big Wisdom Free School
Big Wisdom Free School
San Rafael, CA

Many devotees choose not to have children because they understand the profound obligations of parenting and decide to dedicate their time to the inherent demands of spiritual practice. But for children who live in the community of devotees, we have provided excellent education programs ranging from preschool to high school level. Big Wisdom Free School (in San Rafael, California) and the Garden of Lions (in upstate New York) are examples of Adidam schools that successfully served the education of young people during the 1980's and 1990's.

Big Wisdom Free School 
Big Wisdom Free School
San Rafael, CA

This section includes stories about the children and young people in Adidam, and their experiences growing up in the Adidam community. We also will be adding personal accounts from the adults who learned how to serve children, and from the young people who made the choice to practice the Way of Adidam when they reached adulthood.

Please also visit the website published by our community organization dedicated to serving children and educating others about Adi Da Samraj's Instruction on children: The Vision of Mulund Institute.

Sitting on the school steps
Children boating on Mother's Bed
at The Mountain Of Attention

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1.1. Excepts from Adi Da's Teaching on Children and Childraising

Adi Da with a baby
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Three Talks by Avatar Adi Da Samraj about the love of children and Spiritual practice.

Adi Da: "I Love men, women, children, walls, and frogs with the same profound intensity. I simply have a different kind of relationship with every being. I am in Love with children! I mean deeply in Love with them. I have a profound love relationship with them."

Three Talks by Adi Da

Adi Da with children

Sitting on the school steps
"We feel the Mystery and even breathe it. We are more than what we look like.
We don't know what anything IS. We ARE the Mystery. IT is all one feeling."

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1.2. Stories and Insights on Children and Childraising

Adi Da whispers to a young girl
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Neem Woods

Roar Like a Lion — A three-year-old is drawn beyond his fear by Adi Da Samraj.


Pandas, Woodpeckers, and Renunciation — Avatar Adi Da teaches seven-year-olds about ego-transcendence.
Pandas, Woodpeckers, and Renunciation

Remember the Mystery in Which You Live

Remember the Mystery in Which You Live — Avatar Adi Da Samraj responds to a young boy who wants to know how he can stop being "righteous".

The Peach — Adi Da reads the mind and heart of one young devotee with a strong desire.
The Peach
My Self Is In My Heart

"My Self Is In My Heart" — The story of a young boy's remarkable relationship with Avatar Adi Da over the course of several years, as told by his father.

Loss of Intimacy and Inappropriate Behavior — Frank Marrero tells the story of a lesson he learned as a teacher at Adidam's Big Wisdom Free School, about using Adi Da's wisdom about relationships and intimacy to address children's inappropriate behavior.
Frank Marrero

A Spontaneous Gesture of Heart-Recognition of Adi Da — From an 18-month old child.

A Feeling, Breathing Relationship to Mystery — Deborah McNamara writes about conscious parenting, with insights inspired by Adi Da's wisdom about children and childraising.
Deborah McNamara

Adi Da with children in performance
© Nara Wood
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1.3. Videos about Young People and their Relationship to Adi Da

Adi Da embraces a young boy
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You must understand the limits you yourself are imposing upon Enlightenment. That sobers your very being. It must, and only that sobering is the beginning of the Way. All beings are enthusiastic. Look at children. They would like to enforce their own vital happiness forever, and have it Realize the Divine. At some point, they must understand — they must be sobered by Reality.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, at a gathering with devotees in July, 1987

Adi Da with children

Adi Da at Halloween
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Adi Da at Halloween
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1.4. Related Books, DVDs, and CDs

Adi Da Blessing a boy
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The First Three Stages of Life

The First Three Stages Of Life: Serving the Right, True, and Free Development of Children and Young People and Completing the Human Work of Individuation, Socialization, and Integration for Adults.

Presenting Instructions Given By His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Compiled by Meg Fortune McDonnell, for The Vision Of Mulund Institute

An Adidam Practical Wisdom Guidebook

August 2011 edition
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Table Of Contents

Remember About Being Happy

Remember About Being Happy: Instructions to and about Children

Given By His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

CD: August 2011
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What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy

What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy

by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

February 2000 hardcover edition
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Vegetable Surrender

Vegetable Surrender or Happiness Is Not Blue

by Heart-Master Da and two little girls

September 1998 edition
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A humorous and instructive story written by Adi Da Samraj for young children. Onion One-Yin and his vegetable friends embark on a search for someone who can help them solve their problems — and discover the secret of how to be happy, right now! Illustrated with black and white line drawings.

The Scale of the Very Small

The Scale of the Very Small: Establishing Yogic Responsibility for Your Reproductive Potential (Including Regenerative Sexuality and Orgasm, Birth Control, Conscious Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, and Infant Care)

by the Ruchira Buddha, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

1997 edition
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Avatar Adi Da’s Instruction on how and why we incarnate, death and reincarnation, conscious conception and birth control, Spiritually sensitive pregnancy and infant care.

The Lesson Of Life

The Lesson Of Life: A Consideration with Young Practioners of the Way of Adidam

Vol 6, The 20th Anniversary Series

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Avatar Adi Da responds to a gathering of His young devotees who were on retreat at Adi Da Samrajashram (Avatar Adi Da's principal Hermitage, in Fiji) in 1991.

Look at the Sunlight on the Water

Look at the Sunlight on the Water: Educating Children for a Life of Self-Transcending Love and Happiness

by Da Free John

1983 edition
out of print


Jingle Baba: The Happiest Camel

by Rita Siglain Gordon

November 2018 edition
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In 2008, Beloved Bhagavan Adi Da said that He would like to see more children's books written in Adidam and that He wanted to write more as well. Now, after many years, with the help of many devotees, there is a children's book about Bhagavan and His first camel Jingle Baba — with 55 awesome color photographs, many of which have never been seen before. Jingle Baba: the Happiest Camel is a heart-warming story about the love between a camel from the London Zoo and the Unique Spiritual Master and World-Teacher Adi Da Samraj.

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Love, Wisdom, and Happiness in the First Three Stages of Life

Love, Wisdom, and Happiness in the First Three Stages of Life: Booklet 1 of the Conscious Childrearing Series

compiled and edited by The Vision Of Mulund Institute

Based on Instructions Given by Sri Sri Bhagwan Adi Da, The Da Avatar

1995 edition
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Detailed, practical instruction and Wisdom on the first three stages of life: individuation (1-7 years); socialization (8-14 years); and discrimination and integration (15-21 years). Includes Talks and Essays by Avatar Adi Da on conscious child-rearing.

The Practice of Ecstasy with Children

The Practice of Ecstasy with Children: Booklet 3 of The Conscious Childrearing Series

compiled and edited by The Vision Of Mulund Institute

Based on Instructions Given by Sri Sri Bhagwan Adi Da, The Da Avatar

1995 edition
To order call 1-877-770-0772

Four Primary Principles of Conscious 

Four Primary Principles of Conscious Childrearing Based on the Teaching of Da Free John

Prepared by the Education Department of The Johannine Daist Communion

1985 edition
out of print

  1. Intimacy is the Healing Principle
  2. The Principle of Attraction
  3. Discipline is an Act of Love within the Culture of Expectation
  4. Transcending Sexual Neurosis in Childhood
God Games

God Games

Games created to ground children in feeling the Mystery. Based on the Wisdom and Instruction of Adi Da Samraj.

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A child reaching up to one of Adi Da's art works

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2. Adolescence as a Spiritual Opportunity

Four young devotees in a puja  transitioning to the third stage of life

Four young devotees in a puja acknowledging the transition to the third stage of life
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Many (perhaps most) adolescents tend to allow their adolescence to be used up by what Adi Da characterizes as a struggle between dependence and independence. At a certain point, they "leave the nest", and settle into the patterns of conventional "adulthood" (defined primarily by family, friends, and job) for the long run, through the end of their lives.

But adolescence can serve a greater purpose than just this transitional struggle. It is a time when one has the free energy and attention (along with the motivation) to ask deep questions like: Why are we here? and: What is the purpose of life? Almost all of us do at least briefly consider questions such as these when we are adolescents, but then the responsibilities of adulthood impinge greatly on our time and energy, and these questions usually go "underground". (They sometimes emerge explosively, decades later, in the not altogether conscious form of a mid-life crisis. But doing things to make oneself feel "young" — like buying sports cars or having affairs with younger people — doesn't actually effectively address the deeper question of one's mortality: "What's the point of it all if we're going to die in the end, anyway?")

The usual life sequence is described in the Hindu tradition in four stages: brahmacharya: the young person and student; grihastha: the householder, married with children; vanaprastha: the retiree (a transitional period); and sannyasa: the renunciate, whose life is focused on Spiritual Realization. (In our contemporary materialistic society, the final, spiritually oriented "renunciate" stage has been eliminated, and "retirement" is mostly devoted to materialistic preoccupations.) The householder phase is presumed to be generally unavoidable — something one must experience oneself for a few decades — to get it out of one's system . . . to the degree where one is ready and willing to take up renunciate practice (in a non-idealistic fashion).

However, a fortunate few adolescents engage in a fuller consideration of deep questions than most, and allow that consideration to move their life in a profound direction, one that bypasses the usual life sequence. (Perhaps they are being assisted by spiritual understanding carried over from past lives. And perhaps they are also receiving the wisdom and spiritual blessing of a great Spiritual Master like Adi Da.) Their life has the possibility of proceeding straight from brahmacharya to sannyasa, giving them a far greater opportunity than most for Spiritual Realization (regardless of whether they go on to have intimate partners, children, jobs, etc. — as is the case within life-positive traditions like Adidam, where renunciation is not defined by ascetic dissociation from ordinary life, but by one's complete focus on the Divine in the midst of — and transforming one's relationship with — everything else).

The stories below are about adolescents who are engaging their adolescence and early adulthood as just such a spiritual opportunity. For example, Neeshee Pandit lived for a couple of years in the Hermitage Sanctuary of Adi Da Samrajashram, serving in the Editorial Department. And Max Rykov lived for several years at The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary, serving in the Adidam Library.


An Ecstatic Falling into Him — Nicole tells the story of how she discovered Bhagavan Adi Da. While doing so, she recounts two remarkable dreams. In the first, the whole human condition is revealed to her in a kind of metaphor. In the second dream, Adi Da appears to her, and connects with her directly and personally, correcting a false, cultic view of Him that she had previously held.

Nicole Ortega
Neeshee Pandit

He Is Satisfaction — Neeshee Pandit (19, at the time): "I was sitting at home one day in such a state when a remarkable event occurred. An unbelievable Energy descended upon me and I began shaking. Its Thickness enveloped my entire body and it was vibrating with an unspeakable intensity. I swooned in ecstasy. . . . Adi Da's Spiritual Invasion of the body-mind is Satisfaction, Happiness, and Love."


Never Has God Revealed Himself So Fully — Maksim Igorevich Rykov (20, at the time): "My interest in God became dormant, and did not re-emerge until later in high school, when I became heavily interested in philosophy. I intuitively felt that there was something greater in life; that all the answers were available, but I had no idea how to access them. . . . I yearned for God, but all I got from books was knowledge, not the Divine Itself."

Maksim Igorevich Rykov

painting by Lynne Wagner
Painting by Lynne Wagner
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